Jam Shells

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Hello everyone!

Here is recipe for grandma style cookies that I love very much!


800 grams (7 ¼ cups) of flour

500 grams (2 ¼ cups) of margarine

8 tablespoons of water

4 tablespoons of vinegar

Make a dough. You’ll need to divide it in several parts because it is a pretty large dough. Roll each part of the dough at the time on thickness of about 2 milimeters (about 0,04 inch), so it should be thin. Cut the cookies with a round cutter or a glass.

Jam (I suggest plum jam)

Confectioners sugar

Put a 1/3 or ½ teaspoon of jam on each cookie and fold it. You’ll get a shell shape. To close the shells, press the upper side to bottom side lightly with fingers and then with a fork to get rounded edge like a shell. I think that you can do it with plastic press ravioli maker, too. I never tried because I have very big one so it is not suitable for cookies.

Bake in preheat oven on 350 F (170-180°C) till they get light golden color. They’ll be darker on the bottom side. It’ll take about 20 minutes or more, but I would check it after 15 minutes, just in case :).

When the cookies are baked, roll in the confectioners sugar while they are still hot.

I hope you’ll like and try this recipe. I love these cookies very much. They are true grandma style cookies :).

Thank you for reading!

Here’s very helpful website with conversion calculators and converting cups to grams (and other cool stuff and recipies): http://www.dianasdesserts.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/tools.measures/Measures.cfm

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Londoner Bars

Read in Croatian

Hello everyone!

Today I’ll share with you one old recipe :).



210 grams (1 7/8 cups) of all purpose flour

100 grams (a little bit less than ½ cup) of fat (or margarine)

70 grams (1/3 cup) of granulated sugar

2 egg yolks

Peach jam

Make a dough and roll it on the size of a baking sheet pan (middle size). Place baking paper in the pan and put rolled dough on paper. Bake in preheat oven on 350 F (180°C), just to become slightly light golden.

Take out from the oven and coat it with jam. Set aside.


3 egg whites

100 grams (a little bit less than ½ cup) of granulated sugar

140 grams  (2/3 cups) of grounded walnuts + chopped for topping

Chopped almonds for topping

Mix the egg whites to become foamy. Add the sugar gradually and mix till it’s nice fluffy foam (like shaving foam) and than add grounded walnuts and carefully mix in with a spatula. Spread the mixture over the half baked dough with jam and sprinkle with chopped walnuts and almonds on the spread egg whites mixture.

Put back in the warm oven and bake on 310 F (150-160°C) till filling is light brown.

I love these bars very much. :). This recipe is from www.forum.hr

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll try this recipe! 🙂

Here’s very helpful website with conversion calculators and converting cups to grams (and other cool stuff and recipies): http://www.dianasdesserts.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/tools.measures/Measures.cfm

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Flormar Supershine Nail Polish #22 + short review

Welcome to my blog!

Today I’ll present Flormar Supershine nail polish in the shade 22 and I’ll write impressions about it.


This is very good cheap polish. It stripped on the peak of one nail after four days of wearing, and I noticed that the peaks of nails were slightly shabby. After five days the peaks of nails were shabbier and polish began to peel a bit. I removed it after six days because it’ wasn’t wearable anymore.

The price is about 2,50 $ in Croatia. It may be lower or higher in your country.

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